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What Is an IT Job?

The world of information technology or IT is growing every day. More and more, companies rely on computers, software, networks, servers, and other technology to shape their businesses and keep them on the cutting edge.

Is Miami The New Silicon Beach?

Can Miami become the next Silicon Valley? Some experts say we're almost there, while others are doubtful that the Miami tech scene will ever become a dominant player on the world stage. The truth is,

  • do you need to be a computer nerd to learn to code

Do You Need To Be a Computer Nerd to Learn To Code?

Here at TechLaunch, we’ve been working to help boost South Florida’s economy with a new infusion of tech talent. We do our best to help people -- especially those who have come from other countries,

  • techhire bootcamp

TechHire Bootcamps Off to a Strong Start

We’ve come a long way since Former President Obama announced his historic TechHire Initiative in 2015. In March 2016, Miami became Florida’s first TechHire city, and in June 2017, just one week ago, the first

Why Miami Workers are Suddenly Making This Career Change

Let's face it; Miami's economy has never fully recovered from the crash of 2008. Here we are in 2017, and thousands of Miami residents still find themselves facing difficult decisions. Should I stick with what I know, or switch to a more

  • web design is easier than you think


When most people think of computer experts, they think of nerdy geniuses with taped-up glasses, using their giant brains to program infuriatingly technical machines. This image can stop “regular” people (anyone who doesn’t fit that

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How I Make Money While Traveling The World

(guest post by digital nomad Kevin Ellerton)  This morning, I jumped off a cliff high in the Himalayas, flew past some of the most mind-blowingly massive mountains in the world, and landed on the banks of

The Secret to a New, Happier, Wealthier You 

Imagine waking up in a beautiful beachfront apartment in Miami Beach. Or a nice old house in Coconut Grove. Or in a glass box in a high-rise in Brickell. You open your eyes, relaxed and smiling,