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Why Did Everyone Switch to React?

Because Angular is just so... 2016. In 2015, when we developed our web development curriculum here at TechLaunch, everybody wanted to learn AngularJS. Angular was revolutionary. Using its model-view-controller architecture, front-end engineers could develop snappy

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1. We need more diversity in tech in order to fulfill our potential as a technological civilization. The demand for technology is greater than ever, and there aren't enough engineers to fill the available positions.

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What is Front End and Back End Web Development?

Something that many people fail to realize, is that most web-based applications have both a frontend and a backend, but what does that mean exactly? It’s something that you will need to become familiar with

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The Top Languages You’ll Learn at Code School

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in coding? Congratulations; you’re in the right place! Code school is a great starting point, and it won’t be too long before you’re well on your way to

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New Tech Saves Lives in Hurricanes

In the year 1900, a massive hurricane swept across the Gulf of Mexico. The people of Galveston, Texas shrugged off the vague, imprecise meteorological warnings about the coming storm. Instead of stocking up on supplies,

  • What Is Coding Bootcamp?

Web Development Training – A Necessity in 2017

Computer programming has always been a necessary field, but in 2017, that need has considerably expanded, and with good reason. More and more people are using technology to their advantage today, from computers to laptops,