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New Tech Saves Lives in Hurricanes

In the year 1900, a massive hurricane swept across the Gulf of Mexico. The people of Galveston, Texas shrugged off the vague, imprecise meteorological warnings about the coming storm. Instead of stocking up on supplies,

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What Is an IT Job?

The world of information technology or IT is growing every day. More and more, companies rely on computers, software, networks, servers, and other technology to shape their businesses and keep them on the cutting edge.

What Cyber Security Means in 2017

Over the years, cyber security has meant a lot of things but has never been more critical than now. The first thing that we would do, urges you to take a look around you. How

Is Miami The New Silicon Beach?

Can Miami become the next Silicon Valley? Some experts say we're almost there, while others are doubtful that the Miami tech scene will ever become a dominant player on the world stage. The truth is,

Web Developer Training vs. Computer Programming

If you’re just now getting into the coding world then there is a good chance that you’ve heard quite a bit about web developer training and in contrast, computer programming. Is there a difference between

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Do You Need To Be a Computer Nerd to Learn To Code?

Here at TechLaunch, we’ve been working to help boost South Florida’s economy with a new infusion of tech talent. We do our best to help people -- especially those who have come from other countries,