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How to Become A Cyber Security Professional

Interested in becoming a cyber security professional? You are in good company. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in I.T. and the trend shows no sign of stopping.  We offer some insight

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What Does a Cybersecurity Professional Do?

Cybersecurity professionals are trained to find weaknesses in in databases, networks, hardware, firewalls, and encryption. The number one priority of a cybersecurity professional is to prevent attacks by ‘fixing’ potential issues before they are exploited

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More Opportunity in Cybersecurity Jobs for Women

Women in the tech industry are notoriously underrepresented. Though women now make up 46.8 percent of the total work force in the United States1, they are still largely missing from I.T. jobs. Women only make

I.T. Workers and Tech Professionals Refuse Government Contracts

The latest craze sweeping Silicon Valley is shocking: tech professionals refuse government contracts in droves. Silicon Valley tech workers, web developers, I.T. workers, and computer programmers are taking a moral stand against government and military

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A Conversation with Jeremy Anderson

Instructor Jeremy Anderson TechLaunch Instructor Jeremy Anderson Today we had a conversation with Jeremy Anderson. A Web Developer Instructor for TechLaunch, in charge of the first wheel of the program. Jeremy’s extensive knowledge and experience in the