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Introduction Course to HTML: Part 1


Video Transcription Hello, welcome to another exciting episode here at ITPro TV. I'm your host Mike Rodrick. And today we're doing HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. And with me today is our subject matter

Different Types of IT Jobs


What are the job and salary expectations for Web Developers? There are 3 options for finding work in this industry. The most common is the independent route.  Many developers love the flexibility of working the

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Frontend vs Backend vs Full-Stack Web Development


Web development is one of the fastest growing trades in the world. The consumer adoption of modern day computers and mobile devices, combined with our needs as a society to consume information rapidly and on

Enable CORS on Node.js and Apache


This post is a quick recipe to enable CORS in Node and Apache. CORS means cross-domain requests and they are usually forbidden due to some kind of security reason. It's assumed that you are reading

Can Learning to Code Lead to a Fulfilling Career?


HELP PEOPLE BY LEARNING TO CODE    "I think if someone had told me that software is really about humanity... that it's really about helping people by using computer technology... it would have changed my

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Web Development, Every Business Needs It


When you hear about a new brand, what’s the first thing you do? Search for their website of course! In today’s business market, a web presence is part of the business model. Businesses maintain websites