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  • What Is Coding Bootcamp?

The Importance of Future Proofing your Code


As part of your Miami cyber security training at our accredited and highly experienced institution, you will learn the importance of future proofing your code and there is more to it than you think. Today

  • Different Web Developer Jobs

How to Properly Secure an App


Part of web developer training will be learning to properly secure apps which might not be the easiest thing in the world but certainly necessary. You need to make sure that anything you design is

  • Enjoy High Impact Learning

Is Coding Hard for Beginners?


As you look into different careers that you might want to undertake there is one very important question that you probably want to ask yourself: is coding hard for beginners? Do you need to attend

Top 5 Cyber Security Jobs


The Internet has provided us with a multitude of opportunities since its inception and has defined what cyber means. We can run online businesses, connect with friends and family around the world, play fun games

  • Network engineer in server room

Innovations in Cyber Security


The world of cyber security is constantly adapting and growing as new technologies present themselves. This ever-changing industry has to think on its feet as new threats emerge so that data can remain safe. In

  • Network engineer in server room

What Cyber Security Means in 2017


The number of connected 'things' in the world is growing exponentially, but you don't need us to tell you that. We're rapidly approaching the year 2020, which is the time that many experts predict there

  • Learn about Common Coding Platforms

Top 5 Reasons Cyber Security Is Growing


Cyber Security It seems like every day we hear about another cyber-attack on a major company – putting their information and that of their customers in serious jeopardy. This problem has become more and more

The Importance of Learning to Code


If you’re thinking of attending code school then you probably have a lot of questions, most importantly, is it really important that you learn to code? The answer is absolute yes, and we’re going to

  • financial freedom

What is Front End and Back End Web Development?


Something that many people fail to realize, is that most web-based applications have both a frontend and a backend, but what does that mean exactly? It’s something that you will need to become familiar with