Is Coding Bootcamp Worth it?

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Coding bootcamps are often called a “fast track” to well-paying tech jobs. And with lower tuition costs, shorter class times, and a practical learning curriculum, these alternative education schools are praised for increasing access to a tech education.

So, you’re wondering, “Should I do a coding bootcamp?” read on – together we’ll explore the questions students should ask themselves when deciding whether coding bootcamps are the right choice for you:

  1. Will attending a coding bootcamp help you achieve your career goals?

Before deciding whether coding bootcamp is right for you, you’ll need to figure out for yourself your career goals. Do you want to be a full-time web developer , are you just starting in the programming world? Or are you simply looking to learn more about web development to help you in your current position? Do you want to learn multiple languages or just one?

Once you figure out the answers to your own questions, you can contemplate whether attending a coding bootcamp will help you achieve those goals. Does the bootcamp offer the opportunity to learn skills outside of programming? What is their student success track record? Does the bootcamp have connections with companies you’re interested in? All these factors should play a role in determining whether coding bootcamp is right for you.


  1. Are you ready for the fast pace of a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are fast-paced, accelerated. They are challenging by design, to ensure that students are prepared for tough technical interviews, and further, the fast-paced environments they’ll eventually work in.

To truly master these languages, the students that succeed frequently take on projects on the side, outside of regular work. Many coding bootcamp students attend meetups, workshops, and other conferences not part of regular scheduling.

  1. Do you want a community feeling with one-on-one individual attention?

A huge advantage of attending a bootcamp is the community of people you’re going through the experience with. You’ll be spending tons of time together, whether it’s learning, studying or going to meetups together. This opportunity to network with like-minded people with similar career goals can be a game-changer – you never know who you meet that can be of help to you later in your job search.

A coding bootcamp will also provide you with individualized attention from instructors that you just can’t get in a self-taught course. These mentors will take time to explain questions to you, work with you after class and answer emails after hours. This kind of one-on-one access is invaluable to your growth as a developer.

  1. Are you committed to it?

Coding bootcamps are immersive, time-intensive experiences. Along the way, you’re bound to get frustrated, burned out and tired. And, though many coding bootcamps will offer you amazing opportunities to move ahead, there are no guarantees if you don’t put in the work.

So, you need to be truly committed to your end goals, you need to be in it 200% and willing to give your complete all.

  1. How do you feel when you read about individual student success stories?

After looking at a lot of data and running the numbers, don’t forget to do a reality check. Will you be happy and empowered by coding bootcamp? Have you seen examples of others succeeding in all ways–financially and emotionally–after coding bootcamp? Be sure to look for diverse, relatable stories of student outcomes on a human level.

You can read some of our student stories here, also check out our YouTube channel here.

What’s the average salary like?

web dev labor statisticsAccording to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the median salary of a web developer is about $65k. Yes, that’s above the national average for all jobs. So, what if we did this instead: Spend less time pursuing expensive four-year degrees and push learning in-demand high paying skills? It’s possible to set yourself up to earn six figures after working in the field for a few years, to then change the course of your life and quickly make up for that lost time in college.

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