Common Security Threats A Cybersecurity Technician Will Protect Businesses Against

IT Security-MIAWorking as a cybersecurity professional can be a rewarding career, and it is certainly an in-demand one. There is a growing need for cybersecurity professionals because there are growing threats to the security of companies. With the rise of technology, sensitive data and private information are at risk from cyberattacks, and cybersecurity professionals are the ones that protect businesses and their clients from attacks. You can learn more about some of the common cybersecurity threats that businesses are facing today by reading on.


  • Ransomware – Ransomware attacks are not new for 2019, but they have been exceedingly popular this year. Ransomware is when a criminal group targets a specific business or healthcare provider and encrypts its system data with malware. The attackers then demand a ransom before they will decrypt the data. In the past, ransomware attacks have targeted hospitals which have sensitive and important health data that is needed for the safety and well-being of the patients. This makes these threats very serious and important to defend against.
  • Supply Chain Attacks – This type of attack occurs when what looks like a software update is pushed out to users. However, this software update is really a cyber attack. Users will assume that everything is normal and they will download the update only to find they have been attacked and hacked.
  • Malware – This is one of the more common ways of hacking into a computer system and damaging it. Malware is malicious software that infects your computer. It can often take the form of a pop-up that can alter or delete your files when you click on it and run it. Malware can also steal sensitive information and take control of your computer, so it is something that needs to be avoided.
  • Phishing – Phishing describes a malware tactic where a hacker pretends to be someone you know to get you to divulge sensitive information. For example, a phishing attack may be an email from someone you trust like a boss or coworker asking for information or including something urgent. This type of attack will have a link to click on, and once the link is clicked on, there will be malware installed onto your computer.
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) – A denial of service page shows up when a website has too much traffic, and it cannot handle all of it. A distributed denial of service attack is when a hacker sends a ton of traffic to a particular website to shut it down purposely.

These are just a few of the ways that hackers can attack businesses and their information. That is why it is vital to have people working in cybersecurity for companies. Learn more about the importance of protecting against these threats and why cybersecurity professionals are in large demand below.

The Importance of Protecting Against These Threats

Cybersecurity professionals will protect businesses against different threats and hacks like the ones discussed above. However, it is worth discussing the importance of them doing so. Why do we need cybersecurity professionals to protect us from these different types of hacks and attacks? Learn more below.

  • To Protect Private Data and Information – The biggest reason that cybersecurity professionals are so important is that they protect private data and information. Businesses have important information online or in their servers that need to be protected from hacks. Many businesses also have client information in their systems, and this needs to be protected to keep clients happy.
  • To Protect and Keep Clients Happy – As mentioned briefly above, another reason cybersecurity professionals are important is to protect important client data and information. If client information is hacked and released, clients will lose trust in that company, so it is important to protect the clients and their information.
  • To Avoid Costly Damage – A breach in cybersecurity can have negative financial implications for a company. These negative consequences can include loss of customers, loss of information, time lost because of the need to restore data, and so much more. Cybersecurity professionals can help avoid the costly damage of hacks and attacks.

As you can see, there are several important reasons for cybersecurity professionals to protect businesses. If you think working in cybersecurity could be a good option for you, Tech Launch and FVI Accesibility BannerFlorida Vocational Institute have a cybersecurity and network technician training program. This program can help you learn more about protecting networks and servers as well as ethical hacking practices. You could be working in the in-demand world of cybersecurity in no time.

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