Cyber Security in 2018 – What you need to Know

As 2018 enters full swing we’re going to be seeing a lot of different cyber security trends that will ultimately define the training that you receive at our institution. So, what is it that you need to know, and what exactly will be coming your way in 2018? We take a look at a few different and highly interesting predictions and trends in today’s article. Some of them might seem like something right out of science fiction but you can rest assured that they are on the way.

Beware the AI Powered Attack

Speaking of science fiction, here’s a great example but it’s actually happening whether you like it or not. Machine learning software can learn from past events and adjust its nature according to the events that preceded it. Today, it is believed that more than eighty percent of cybersecurity uses some kind of AI, but it’s not good all around. In fact, it is thought to be a bit of a double-edged sword. The problem is that while IT professionals might use AI as a repellant, there are just as many hackers and malicious individuals doing the exact same thing.

A great example would be an AI bot being used to automate information collection in an organization or an individual. AI bots can help out significantly in cracking passwords through narrowing down the possibilities, all of which will be based on a number of factors including demographics. AI is going to pose a significant threat to the digital world and you can be at the forefront of defense if you take a cyber security course.

Malware Prevention Issues

Cyber Security CertificationSandboxing technology has been a great method for both detecting and deflecting potential malware infections but with every new development, it would seem that the criminals are one step ahead. New strains of malware can now detect when a sandbox environment is present, and they will actually wait until they are outside of the sandbox to execute any malicious code. That can be annoying at best, extremely detrimental at worst.


We’re seeing an increase in ransomware lately, which is to say software that is capable of infecting your computer and quite literally holding your files hostage. This, however, is not so much of a threat on personal devices. If an IoT device were infected and the files encrypted, there is a good chance that the user will simply wipe the device rather than pay the ransom. After all, most files are usually backed up to the cloud anyway. In the case of a corporate server, however, things are going to be a little bit different. The problem is that those files are often critical to business and clients, making it essential that the data be kept safe. Ending up with ransomware on a corporate server is a bit embarrassing, to say the least, and if possible, it is something that you would want to avoid. Cyber security certifications and the education that goes with them can be a great start, without a doubt.

These are three items that are going to have a major effect on cyber security as we delve deeper into 2018. The most important thing to remember however is that this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are going to be many other issues and security risks that pop up throughout the year, some of which are absolutely unimaginable. Maybe you’d like to play your part in keeping the cyber world safe, and for that, you’re going to need a top-notch education. That being said, now would be a great time for you to give us a call and see just what we have to offer you in terms of both education and financial aid.