What Can you Do with a Cyber Security Certification?

If we’re going to be perfectly honest, cyber security sounds like something out of a science fiction novel or a cyber dystopian film. The idea that it actually has a place in the real world can be both confusing and mystifying to many people. So, what does it mean exactly? If you head to Miami for cyber security training, what kind of job can you expect to do after you complete your education? Today we’re going to look at a few jobs that you might jump into and what the responsibilities are.

Become a Security Consultant

cyber security training
Admittedly it might take you a few years after getting your Miami cyber security degree to move on to being a consultant but the payoff is definitely worth it. As a consultant, you will be responsible for knowing everything. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much. In your role as a security consultant, you will be expected to act as an advisor and a security guru for those who are less experienced than you.

You may not work for a specific company; many security consultants work independently or are employed by a consulting firm that dispatches employees to locations where they are needed. It is much easier to work for a consulting firm due to the guaranteed salary, benefits, and steady flow of work. If you choose to strike out on your own it will obviously be a bit more difficult for you but can still be just as rewarding if you are willing to put the work in.

The job isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. Your primary concern will be protecting computers, software, networks, information systems, and data from potential attacks. To accomplish this task, you will need to research security standards, interview staff, and department heads, deliver technical reports, and even provide supervision to the company’s existing security team.

The responsibilities that you are assigned will depend on the terms of your contract as a consultant. Some companies, for example, might require that the consulting firm maintain the implemented security plan while others will simply ask that it be implemented and left to them to administer.

This is a great position but once again, it may take you several years to gain the experience needed to work your way into it.

Work as a Security Software Developer

Cyber Security CertificationA security software developer works to create new tools for the detection of malicious software and in today’s world, we have more to worry about than just viruses. Threats have evolved, and more creative solutions are called for to address them. A small sampling of the threats we face today includes:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Intrusions

This is the first part of your job, but the second part will involve integrating security measures into the software that you and your organization produce. In your day to day work, you will oversee a team of developers while taking a leadership role in the software design/testing. Most importantly, you are going to be facilitating meetings to determine the needs of the client, and ensuring that you get the right software with the right features out there where it belongs.

Get the Right Education for the Job

You might want to jump into either of these fields but it’s not going to happen unless you have the right education from an accredited institution. It all starts with giving us a call and seeing just what we have to offer you. On top of highly qualified instructors, we are proud to offer financial aid for those who require it. Getting your education and jumping into a brand-new career has never been easier. Call us today for more information!