What Cyber Security Means in 2017

Over the years, cyber security has meant a lot of things but has never been more critical than now. The first thing that we would do, urges you to take a look around you. How many people are using the internet today? What are they using? The world is much more connected now than it ever has in the past. If you think back to the 90’s, you will realize that we are now living in one of the sci-fi dream scenarios that was dreamt up in books, movies, and even a few far-fetched horror stories. It’s all real now, and we’re living it.

The way people access the internet has changed significantly, which is something that we have discussed at length in our other blogs, and we’re going to say it here too: the internet is not as secure as it once was. Do you remember the 90’s, when everyone was afraid to put their credit card information online because of potential hackers? Honestly, they had seen way too many movies, because hacking was not quite that commonplace, or at least it wasn’t then. SSL encryption was a thing, even back in the 90’s.

New Cyber Security Trends in 2017

The world of cyber security has expanded significantly in 2017, and with good reason. One of the newest innovations is the cloud, and it is under constant threat.
Why the Cloud is a Target
In your cyber security career, you will come across more than a few instances where the cloud needs to be protected. Cloud environments are finally reaching maturity, and they are being used for more than just basic storage. Now, as more and more businesses begin to trust them with vital information and even applications, they become more of a target. In addition to that, there is always a chance that the cloud will become unstable as it endures more stress. Cyber security experts will need to decide who can be trusted, who can’t, and most importantly, how to keep the cloud protected. In 2017, the cloud is going to be absolutely essential to cyber security.

Protection vs. Prevention

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Here’s a novel concept: you’re not going to be able to stop every single threat that comes across your network. At some point, you’re going to find that prevention just isn’t enough. Sure, there’s that old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and while that might have worked in the old days, we’re not in the old days anymore. The potential for the cloud to be penetrated is high, so you need to push resources into creating solutions for when it does happen. How will you respond? How will you neutralize the threat? Adapt your security for detection, response, and finally, remediation. In the future, we may be able to move more toward prevention, but we’re not there quite yet.

Application Security

Right now, there is little doubt that application security will become very popular and very necessary in the near future. Right now, most enterprises are not using it to their advantage because of the expense, but it is important that they work toward it in the future. It’s hard to say where that will go, but it will be very interesting to watch.

As you can see, there are many different aspects to cyber security in 2017, and it’s only going to become more complicated as time goes by. We have said it many times before: people have more access to the internet now than ever before, using mobile devices, laptops, and much more. We can only surmise that in the future it will become even more complex.
If you’re ready to become a part of the future, then now would be a great time to give us a call and learn more about our programs. It won’t be too long before you’re well on your way to becoming the cyber security experts that the future needs, and it will be a great career path for you.