Cybersecurity threats in 2019

Cybersecurity threats in 2019

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As the world gets more technologically advanced, there are more cybersecurity threats than ever. Check out some of the top cybersecurity threats of 2019 below, and learn more about why it might be an excellent time to get a job in cybersecurity.

2019 Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats are continuing to be a big issue in 2019. There is so much sensitive data on networks that can be hacked, and hackers are getting smarter and more advanced in their ability to invade companies and businesses. Check out a few of the common cybersecurity threats that have been happening in 2019. You can also learn more about some specific breaches that have occurred.

  • Ransomware – Ransomware is not a new cybersecurity threat, but it has been a growing one in 2019. What is ransomware? This type of cybersecurity threat occurs when criminals hack into businesses and encrypt their systems data. After doing so, they demand a ransom before they will unencrypt the data. In the past, these ransomware attacks have threatened small businesses and healthcare companies. Now, they are targeting industrial and manufacturing firms.
  • American Medical Collection Agency Breach – This cybersecurity threat was a specific corporate data breach. This medical company was hacked, and the data of millions of patients were exposed. Data like names, addresses, phone numbers, and health care providers were out for people to see.
  • Customs and Border Protection Breach – Another specific attack in 2019 was on US Customs and Border Protection. There were hackers that stole photos and license plates of thousands of people. Customs and Border Protection has been adding to its list of border surveillance technologies, so it is troubling if they can’t keep out cybersecurity attacks. Sensitive information could continue to be hacked and shared.
  • Supply Chain Attacks – This is another popular type of cyber-attack in 2019. A supply chain attack is when a software update is put out to users, but instead of being an actual update, it is malware. This type of attack can leave innocent consumers of a product vulnerable to destructive malware.

These are just a few of the cybersecurity attacks that have been seen in 2019. There are many different ways for hackers to attack networks and systems. That is why it is important to have good people working in the field of cybersecurity. The cybersecurity field should continue to grow because of the need for it in our current society. Learn more about working in cybersecurity below as well as how to get trained in cybersecurity.

Working in Cybersecurity

Where Can I Go with My Bootcamp Education?As you learned above, there are a lot of different cybersecurity threats going on in 2019. There are many things that companies and businesses have to watch out for, especially if they keep sensitive customer data and information. All of these threats make it a great time to get a job in cybersecurity. According to, there will be six percent projected growth for employment in network and computer systems administrators. Cybersecurity professionals can also expect growth in employment because of the growing technology and the valuable information being shared over the internet.

It may be a great time for you to get a job in cybersecurity. Working in cybersecurity requires many skills, but it can be something that has a lot of potential for growth. To become a cybersecurity professional, you will need to have technical knowledge of computer systems and networks. However, you can learn this through cybersecurity and network technician training. You will also need to have good critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills will be necessary to deal with the problems that arise with the security of the network. You will also have to be able to think critically to asses the current security and anticipate how you may have to improve or update it. You will also need to be a team player to work in cybersecurity. This will be important because you will probably be working with a group of IT professionals to keep up with the cybersecurity and network demands of a business.

Attending Cybersecurity Training

Florida Vocational Institute and Tech Launch have a cybersecurity and network technician training program that can help set you up for a great career in cybersecurity. This could be a rewarding and challenging career for you, and it is very relevant to the world in 2019. Learn more here about the cybersecurity and network technician training program.

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