Find a Fast-Growing Profession in Cyber Security

The tech field is always growing and changing. There are more jobs in technology and IT services than ever before, and it has a growing need. Many jobs in technology require you to have a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. However, if you want a quicker schooling option, you could attend a Cyber Security and Network Technician program at Tech Launch through the Florida Vocational Institute. Learn more about this training program below.

What is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?

The field of Cyber Security is a growing one. Cyber security describes the practices and technology that keep computer systems and online data safe. This field is essential because more personal data and private business information are online than ever before. It is necessary to protect this information from cyber thieves that work to steal this information.What is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?

If a business or corporation is hacked, their customer’s private information can be stolen. This is bad news for the customer and also for the business. The business has now ruined its relationship with the customers, and it is no longer a company that people want to trust.

That is why the field of Cyber Security is growing and it is in need of more workers. Businesses want to protect personal information and private data from being stolen and they need Cyber Security experts to do so. If you want to jump into the field of Cyber Security, you could take a Cyber Security and Network Technician program through Tech Launch and FVI. Learn more below.

Attending a Cyber Security Training Program

If you attend a Cyber Security training program, you can expect to learn about the day to day operations of a server as well as troubleshooting, assessing, and monitoring the different systems in place. This is important work in a growing field, so attending a program like this could be a great option for you. This type of program at Tech Launch and Florida Vocational Institute can be completed in as little as nine months. During a Cyber Security training program or school, you will learn about a variety of topics, but some of the topics and courses you will take are mentioned below.

  • Maintaining Computers and Operating Systems – This type of course will help teach you the fundamentals of networking, security, and computer technology. You will learn all about the basic theory, and then, you will put it into practice with lab work. This lab work will include installing and configuring different networks and computer systems. You will also learn to implement security practices.
  • Computer Networking – Computer networking will also be an essential part of your Cyber Security program. During classes on computer networking, you will learn all about network theory, network communications, and network data delivery. This will help you better understand the network protocols and trouble shooting techniques that you will need to use in your future job.
  • Security – Security will be a large part of your training program in Cyber Security. You will first learn about the basics of computer security and different potential threats to the systems. You will then learn about managing accounts and operational systems.
  • Cyber Security and Network Defense – Throughout your Cyber Security training program, you will also learn about hacking and network defense. You need to be able to understand how people will try to hack or attack the system so that you can make the system less vulnerable to attack. In fact, hacking may be part of your job because you will perform test hacks to see where the network is vulnerable so that you can build up those systems to be better able to withstand the attack. This type of training will include learning all about the theory as well as putting your knowledge into practice.Attending a Cyber Security Training Program
  • Cloud Technology – Cloud technology is becoming extremely prevalent in business, so your Cyber Security training will teach you all about this as well. Cloud Technology like Microsoft Office 365 is commonly used in business for all the benefits it can provide. However, the average person may not know how to handle the services, so as a network technician expert, you will need to have a good understanding of how this cloud technology works so that you can implement it.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn in a Cyber Security and Network Technician program. Tech Launch at Florida Vocational Institute could be a great place for you to start your career as a Cyber Security professional. Through the different schooling options, you can learn a lot about technology, operating systems, and how to secure and troubleshoot them. Click here if you would like to learn more about the Cyber Security program at Tech Launch and Florida Vocational Institute.

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