The Importance of Future Proofing your Code

As part of your Miami cyber security training at our accredited and highly experienced institution, you will learn the importance of future proofing your code and there is more to it than you think. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons for future proofing your code and cover just why you should be doing it. You might be surprised at some of the reasons!

Future Proofing for Cyber Security Interests

Any cyber security companies that you work for or even interact with will tell you that any apps you use need to be ready for the future, and that means being ready for a new wave of hackers. While a program released now might be impervious to hacking attempts, over time, users will have time to decompile the code, learn its secrets, and ultimately create exploits that will nullify any security that you had in place. For some key pieces of software, this will pose a serious threat in the future, making it absolutely vital that you modularize and ensure that you can replace sections of code on the fly to not only be more compliant, but more secure.

Prepare for Software Updates

The software world does not stay the same for long and neither should your application. One of the biggest problems that you’re going to run into is the fact that software changes around you, and the DLL’s that you linked to or called on in your software will change or become nonexistent after a while. Dependencies are one of the chief reasons that software becomes outdated and oftentimes you will find an old piece of software that will not launch on a newer operating system. If the company that designed it has not kept up with current standards or has gone out of business, you would probably need to move on to a different company – one that HAS kept up and one that WILL give you exactly what you need. This is the mentality of the average consumer; it is very rare to see someone become attached to a piece of software, especially if it is something that their entire business relies on. If it ceases to function, then they will simply move on to the next, and that’s a fact.

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Feature Improvement

As a software developer, you will sometimes find that there are easier ways to do things and easier ways for your users to interact with your products. If everything is set in stone it will be difficult to change your product, but if you design it to be changed at the drop of a hat you’re going to stay in business much longer as your app remains relevant.

Modular Design is Key

The key to future-proofing any application you design is modular design in your coding. Throughout your cyber security career, you will find that most coders use modular coding and an outstanding example would be the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) that is standard with Java and Javascript – two very future proof languages that have stood the test of time.

Future proofing is crucial no matter what kind of programmer you are and you will find that it helps you to not only stay in business but to stay relevant to any employers that you may have in the future. At our institution, you will learn some of the basics of future proofing which will serve to give you a set of skills that you can use for many years to come. Call us today for more information and to get started with your college career. There’s a whole world of tech out there waiting for you.