How to get rid of your old Laptop – in four simple steps

Person with laptop sitting on couch

Recycle your old laptop the right way.

Laptop recycling. Let’s talk about it! Have you ever wonder what to do with that Laptop that it’s just not working anymore? Instead of holding on to it, do yourself a favor and get rid of it pronto. Something to consider especially if the laptop is still functional, and it might earn you a gift card in exchange or perhaps some store credit -but know that it’s only depreciating as it sits in your drawer. It doesn’t really matter what it’s worth, it’s just simply a good idea to cross it off your Spring cleanup list and know that freeing up some clutter will guarantee some satisfaction.

Wait, we’re not suggesting that you toss it away but if that’s what you decide to do, make sure you don’t throw it in the garbage like regular trash. The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that you avoid air and water pollution and greenhouse emissions by safely recycling unused electronics.

Laptop recycling -the Steps.

So, get ready to help the environment (and you) by laptop recycling your device the right way, following four simple steps:

  1. Store all your files on an external hard drive or backup your data using iCloud or Google Drive.
  2. Make sure you sign out of EVERYTHING. Always go the extra mile to protect your files, your documents, and yourself. Sign out of ALL your applications and make sure none of your login info is stored in your keychain or similar, and wipe your hard drive.
  3. Recycle your device at an E-Waste location like:
  • Apple Recycling Program: Apple accepts old devices online at any Apple store. If your Mac or PC has any monetary value, you’ll receive an Apple gift card in the amount it’s worth. To receive an instant quote online, enter your device’s serial number on this page. Include your payment method and shipping information and in three to five days, you’ll get prepaid shipping supplies sent to your door. Ship it back and wait five to eight business days for your refund!
  • If your laptop has any value, you also have the option of trading it in for credit toward a new Apple product.
  • Gazelle: Gazelle is another reliable buyer that will take your old devices. Similar to the process above, all you have to do is enter your laptop’s serial number and ship it to its processing center using the prepaid shipping supplies they’ve sent to you.
  • Best Buy: You have the option of dropping off your old laptop at any Best Buy store for proper disposal.
  • Staples: If your computer has any value, you have the option of trading it in store for a Staples eCash Card, or sending it in through an online process.
  • Goodwill: Drop off your laptop to any Goodwill collection center. According to its site, “One working computer given to Goodwill is worth 5.3 hours of career counseling.”
  • Find a local drop-off center in your area: Do a quick search to see if any nearby stores accept e-waste. Many manufacturers, office supply retailers, and even hardware stores will be able to take your laptop off your hands!
  1. Once you have your brand-new laptop, make sure to bring it to our next free event! Register here