Learn JavaScript for free, in Miami, on March 20!

If you’ve been itching to learn JavaScript, now’s the time to start! This coming Tuesday (March 20th, 2018), TechLaunch is hosting a free Intro To JavaScript course, in Doral, Florida!

The Key To Career Success in the 21st Century

Whether you want to be a developer, an internet marketer or just, you know — the next billionaire internet entrepreneur — you really need to learn to code. If you’ve been struggling with your career ambitions, wishing you could make more money, be more effective, or make more of an impact in the world, it’s probably because you still haven’t taken the time to master the most powerful and important tool of our lifetimes: computer programming.

If you really want to be successful in your career, make more money, and make a real significant impact in this world, clear your schedule for March 20th (6pm-9pm), and come to our free Intro to Coding with JavaScript workshop in Doral.

Why JavaScript? Why Now?

JavaScript is the programming language of the internet. Period. The browser in which you’re reading this blog post right now was designed to run JavaScript code. Not C++ code, not Java code, not Python, Ruby or Haskell code… not even PHP code. JavaScript is the only programming language that works with all modern browsers, and most modern browsers are only designed to work with JavaScript.

There are literally hundreds of programming languages out there, but JavaScript is, arguably, the most important programming language of our time. The internet has changed the world over the past few decades, and JavaScript is at the epicenter of that revolution.

It’s All About That User Experience

You can use other programming languages to create programs that run “in the back-end” of websites, but no other language can create rich, dynamic, fluid web applications that interact directly with end-users on the front end. You know Facebook’s super immersive interface? It runs on JavaScript. That’s why it feels so “alive” and “real-time” — because the JavaScript code is actually able to run in your browser, rather than on a server somewhere halfway across the country. For the same reason, JavaScript powers the front-end of every major internet platform, from Google and YouTube to Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin and WordPress.

JavaScript is an incredibly important and practically applicable language. Whether you want to be a developer, a marketer, or an internet entrepreneur, understanding at least the basics of JavaScript will open up an entire world of career opportunities. To get a quick sense of how it works before attending our workshop, check out some of our basic JavaScript articles and tutorials!

For Beginners and Novice Developers

While this particular workshop is designed for beginners, it can also be helpful for people who already know a little bit about JavaScript, but would like to get some clarification in the fundamentals.

TechLaunch instructor Jeremy Anderson is a seasoned web developer, with many years of experience building websites with JavaScript. His teaching philosophy is to lay a solid foundation of understanding, upon which you can build more JavaScript expertise in the future. Even if you already know a little bit about JavaScript and/or programming, Jeremy’s clarification of the fundamentals can be helpful and enlightening.

learn javascript for free in miami

What You’ll Learn

In this workshop, you’ll get some real hands-on experience with JavaScript. At TechLaunch, we pride ourselves on our real-world, practical approach. Without delving excessively into theory, Jeremy will show you exactly how JavaScript works, and real-world applications of how companies are using it to interact with customers and make real money.

You’ll also get a chance to really dig into the nitty-gritty details, and actually start coding in JavaScript. Jeremy will guide you through working with different data types (processing text, numbers, and more). You’ll learn how to use variables to store and manipulate data. You’ll even learn how to build JavaScript functions to execute complex tasks on command! Lastly, you’ll get a comprehensive road map of how to delve deeper into JavaScript on your own.

Where and When?

The workshop will be held at Pipeline Doral, on 36th Street, just west of Miami International Airport, from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday, March 20th. Here’s the exact address:

  • Pipeline Doral
  • 8400 Northwest 36th Street
  • #450
  • Doral, FL 33166
  • https://goo.gl/maps/2zafSgNXyMG2

learn javascript for free in miami

While the actual workshop starts at 6pm, we recommend that you arrive at 5:30pm to maximize your networking opportunities. Food and drinks will be provided for free as well!

What to Bring

  • Laptop (it’s helpful if you download the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox before you attend)
  • Pen/Paper (optional – for note taking)
  • External mouse (recommended)
  • Business Cards! Workshops are always a great place to network.

How to Sign Up

You can RSVP right now on our eventbrite page! Seats fill up fast. Don’t miss your chance to learn JavaScript with us for free!

What is TechLaunch?

Centered in Miami, TechLaunch has a singular mission: to help people who are struggling in sub-optimal career paths change their lives by learning to code. We are headquartered in Florida Vocational Institute on West Flagler Street. We also host free coding classes every 3-4 weeks in Pipeline, Doral.

Don’t wait. Don’t miss your chance to take the first step toward your dream career. Register now at eventbrite!