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  • 5 Benefits of Choosing a Cyber Security Program

5 Benefits of Choosing a Cyber Security Program

IT and tech services are fields that keep growing. This is because there is more online business than ever, and businesses need qualified professionals to maintain their networks and their online security. Have you thought

  • Network Technician Training

What is Network Technician Training?

A network technician or a network systems administrator is someone who works on the daily operations of computer systems and networks. This means that they install systems and programs on computer systems for a company

  • Tech Launch and Florida Vocational Institute work together to provide you with a cyber security training program that can prepare you for the daily duties of someone working in cyber security.

Typical Workday in Cyber Security

Working in cyber security can be a challenging and rewarding profession. In this type of profession, you will work to maintain the computer networks and systems in a particular business. You will also make upgrades

Why Is Cyber Security Important in the 21 Century?

The importance of cyber security cannot be understated. It is fast becoming the most important part of I.T. departments for mid-sized and large companies all over the world. Importance of Cyber Security The landscape has

  • ow Do You Get a Cyber Security Certification?

How Do You Get a Cyber Security Certification?

With the growing presence of the internet, online business, and secure information being shared online, cyber security is something that is more important than ever. It is a growing field and there is more demand

  • Cyber Security with Alexander Freund

Web Developer Coding Bootcamp or Self-Study Online Courses?

There is much debate among web developers about coding bootcamps versus self-study online courses.  Each method of study has its own set of advantages and limitations. Both coding bootcamps and self-study courses are easily accessible