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  • Where are jobs for Cyber Security Professionals?

Cyber Security in 2018 – What you need to Know

As 2018 enters full swing we’re going to be seeing a lot of different cyber security trends that will ultimately define the training that you receive at our institution. So, what is it that you

Four Aspects of Successful Web Development

When you take our web development training courses you will quickly learn how to create content and features that everyone can enjoy. Here’s the most important question, however: what aspects do you need to employ

  • techlaunch learn javascript workshop

Learn JavaScript for free, in Miami, on March 20!

If you’ve been itching to learn JavaScript, now’s the time to start! This coming Tuesday (March 20th, 2018), TechLaunch is hosting a free Intro To JavaScript course, in Doral, Florida! The Key To Career Success

  • basic javascript

Basic JavaScript: 3 Concepts You Need to Know

JavaScript is the programming language of the internet. Period. While there are dozens of other programming languages out there, from Python and Ruby to Java and C++, JavaScript has a special place in the hearts

  • tech advancing healthcare google contact lens

5 Surprising Ways Tech Is Advancing Healthcare in 2018

Here at FVI, we have two main divisions: technology (TechLaunch) and healthcare. People who come to us to get into healthcare careers are often interested in helping to improve peoples’ health -- (arguably) the most