Top 5 Cyber Security Jobs

The Internet has provided us with a multitude of opportunities since its inception and has defined what cyber means. We can run online businesses, connect with friends and family around the world, play fun games on our phones, and even turn on the lights in our house remotely. The price tag for these modern innovations is the risk of having our information compromised by hackers. That’s where cybersecurity experts come in.

A trained cybersecurity specialist is responsible, in part, for protecting data stored online and on computer networks, including information for large corporations, government agencies, and individual users like you and me. As our technology continues to evolve demand for trained specialists is only going to increase. In fact, according to, this career is projected to grow 28% between 2016 and 2026, making it the perfect time to start training in a Cyber Security Network Technician program at a cybersecurity school like TechLaunch @FVI.

Here are the top five career options open to cybersecurity specialists:

  1. Cyber Security Engineer

A cybersecurity engineer is responsible for maintaining IT security solutions for the organization they’re working for. Daily tasks can include creating new ways to solve security issues, analyzing systems that are currently in place, evaluating new technologies, and supervising changes in hardware, software, network facilities and telecommunications.

  1. Cyber Security Technician

Cybersecurity technicians often work in tandem with cybersecurity engineers in their efforts to build and maintain a safe network for their organizations. While the engineer handles the backend, the cybersecurity technician works with colleagues to issue IDs, set password guidelines, provide information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data points, and maintaining security files.

  1. Cryptographer

 cyber security schoolAnother growing career in the world of cybersecurity is cryptography. Cryptographers analyze and decipher encoded data, often for the government or law enforcement agencies. Along with this, they’re also responsible for identifying weaknesses in software and writing algorithms designed to mask information, like when you use a credit card to pay online.

  1. Security Consultant

As a cybersecurity consultant, you’re the ultimate expert on cybersecurity. These consultants are brought in by big businesses to advise on possible risks, recommend the best way to protect information online and on a business’s network, supervise and guide security teams, respond to security threats in real time, and so much more.

  1. Network Administrator

A network administrator often called a system administrator, is in charge of keeping an organizations’ computer systems up and running. Job duties include updating software, maintaining and upgrading network and computer systems, diagnosing and fixing problems on the computer network, and monitoring the performance of the system. In this career, you’ll use your practical computer skills as well as your people skills to work with your team and keep your company safe.

If you’re interested in starting one of these exciting careers in cybersecurity, the first thing you need to do is earn your cybersecurity certifications. At Techlaunch @FVI, you can begin a Miami cybersecurity training program and graduate in less than a year. After that, we’ll work with you to make introductions with potential employers so that you can put your new skills to work quickly. Contact us today to learn more.