The Top Four Types of Coding Trends You’ll be Seeing in 2018

If you’re planning to attend code school, then you have your work cut out for you. You’re probably wondering just what it is you’re going to be doing AFTER you graduate from your schooling. Coding bootcamps are capable of giving you an education, but what can you do with it? We can’t really tell you which direction to take once you do finish, but we clue you in on some of the most popular apps that you’ll be coding in 2018. You might just be surprised.

The first thing that you need to know is that we saw a lot of new apps in 2017 and quite frankly, it was an amazing year for development. Companies are finding that mobile applications are a great way to meet the demands of customers and the bar is raising exponentially.

Google has Taken over the Market

While iOS is a popular option, it is overshadowed significantly by Google Apps. There are a multitude of lifestyle and gaming apps out there with many large companies using applications for branding purposes. Small and midsize businesses are even working on creating their own apps to gain more recognition. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the latest software development trends that you can jump in at once you finish your coding school classes.

Wearable Apps and Internet of Things

The ‘internet of things’ is a concept that has become very popular over the last few years, and why wouldn’t it? The IoT is bringing about smart cities, smart homes, smart healthcare, and even smart retail. It’s streamlining our world and while we might appear to be becoming more dependent on technology, it’s actually helping us out significantly.

There is significant evidence at the Internet of Things will grow significantly throughout the year 2020, from wearables all the way to basic household items. As a coder, you will benefit greatly from learning how to code for it.

Google’s AMP Project

Success in Web Development Is All about SkillOne of the biggest problems that we’ve faced in the past is that of mobile pages not loading fast enough. This is honestly a combination of bandwidth and memory, and Google has, at long last, responded by introducing the AMP project. Accelerated Mobile Pages allow for quicker loading, and Google plans to provide an isolated search index specifically for the mobile web. This will open new opportunities for coding and will definitely change the way SEO operates.

Mobile Payment Apps

Any customers who use online shipping use a mobile payment app of some kind. Internet banking has been a mainstay of the cyber world for a very long time, but a number of mobile applications have been introduced that really streamline the process and make it more accessible. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are two great examples and you can rest assured that there are going to be several more introduced over the next few years. Will you be a part of their development? If you attend our code school, you might just be.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a fairly new concept and we’ve seen it used in gaming or even entertainment. Imagine how the trend will grow in the next few years and how you, as a coder, will be able to influence it. Augmented reality will quickly become instrumental in the areas of retail, healthcare, real estate, engineering, and much more. The world is changing around us, both the real world and the digital world. It will be interesting to see what changes and improvements are made over the next few years.

It is not difficult to see where we are going in terms of our technology, and if you want to be a significant part of it then you will definitely agree that coding bootcamp is worth it. For more information and to get started on a path to a new career, give us a call and see just what we have to offer. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.