Why Web Apps are More Useful than Native Apps

In the age of the internet there is little doubt that web apps are going to be more useful than native apps, but if you’re just joining us then you might be a bit confused. We’ve been using native apps for years, and you may not even be sure what that actually means. That said, let’s start with a quick definition:

Native Apps – A native app is a program or piece of software that is designed to run locally from the computer’s hard drive. For example, Microsoft Office would be an instance of a native app. In addition to that, there are programs like Photoshop and Adobe reader which run locally.

Web Apps – A web app is a piece of software that runs remotely and is almost exclusively accessed through the web browser. A good example of this would be Google Docs, which does a great job of replacing Microsoft Office.

In Miami web developer training you will learn about both of these, but which one is better? When you train to be a web developer, should you be concentrating on web apps? Let’s compare the two.

A Look at Native Apps

Native apps have plenty of advantages over web apps, the first being their offline availability. If you lose internet (or power in the case of a laptop or UPS unit) then you’ll still be able to use them, save your work and continue working while the internet is out. In addition to that, you will often own a physical copy of the software which is impossible when you are using a web app. While this might sound more ideal, a web app has a few advantages that you might not have considered.

A Look at Web Apps

Miami web developer training Since native apps are so great, what do web apps have on them? A lot, actually. First of all, a web app is far more compatible than a native app. While native apps are designed to run on a specific operating system, a web app can run across all operating systems so long as they have the pre-requisites installed. For example, web apps will require a browser and some might require the Java Runtime Environment. Other than that, they can run across operating systems and across platforms. Another great benefit is the ability of the developer to update the application without needing you to download said update. You won’t need to obtain a patch yourself, and you certainly won’t have to purchase anything. Web apps are great for company-wide deployment, they’re easy, and they cause much less frustration.

Both of these app types have their merits, and it will be up to the company to decide what they want to use. As part of your Miami web design and development training, you will become familiar with both but you will also focus almost solely on web app development.

Our courses can help you to get ready for the future. Web apps are becoming more and more important in both the world of business and we’re going to see quite a few of our favorite native apps converted over so that they can work properly on Mac, PC, and even tablets. The world is changing and it is reflected heavily in the state of our technology.

If you’re ready to start a new career and change the world with web apps, you would do well to consider jumping into our web developer training programs. We offer comprehensive courses along with expert instructors who will help you on your way to changing the world with universally compatible apps for office work, productivity, and even gaming. Give us a call today to see what we have to offer you in terms of both education and financial aid.