Facilities Protocols

TechLaunch Academy Facilities Protocols

Arrival & Dismissal

Students and team members should plan to arrive early to account for entry screening.

Campuses will open for student entry at 3:00 PM.

Entry to campuses will not be allowed after 7:00 PM.

Instructors are encouraged to work together to prevent large groups of students from congregating in common areas.

Breaks & Breakrooms

Instructors are encouraged to stagger the break times of their classes to avoid large groups of students from congregating in common areas.

Students and team members are encouraged to wipe down surfaces before use. Sanitization supplies will be provided.


Each campus will be supplied with the following to be distributed as needed: hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, face coverings, and other materials for sanitization.

It is recommended that all team members and students wear face masks.

Use physical barriers, including but not limited to plexiglass panels to ensure the safety of students and team members.

Conference Rooms

Use virtual meetings whenever possible. When using conference & meeting rooms, reinforce physical distancing between attendees.

Individuals are encouraged to wear face coverings during in-person meetings.

Testing Centers

The testing centers at all TechLaunch Academy locations will remain closed until further notice.

Students wishing to test for certification exams are encouraged to continue using virtual testing options or visit other approved testing locations.


Waiting areas should provide the maximum distancing possible, recommended 3 feet of physical distancing for occupants.

A face covering is recommended when waiting in TechLaunch Academy lobbies.

TechLaunch Academy will routinely disinfect all common surfaces and commonly-touched equipment (e.g., pens and electronic devices).