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    • Three Ways to Secure Your Cloud InfrastructureThree Ways to Secure Your Cloud Infrastructure
      The cloud has provided a pathway that makes worldwide telework and remote learning possible. A Frost & Sullivan survey found 93% of business leaders credit their cloud strategy as helping them to remain competitive due to its ability to make apps and services available faster while improving performance at lower overall IT cost.
    • Eight High-Paying Cybersecurity CertificationsEight High-Paying Cybersecurity Certifications
      As more machines replace humans, 85 million jobs will disappear as the global economy slow from the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news? The World Economic Forum also predicts that this shift will create 97 million new jobs. A report from KPMG found that cybersecurity is now the most "in-demand" technology.
    • Stop Cyberattacks: 4 Keys to Securing Your Remote WorkforceStop Cyberattacks: 4 Keys to Securing Your Remote Workforce
      The pandemic taught workers around the globe that business as usual can continue, even with a remote workforce, and many of us would like to continue telecommuting. A Boston Consulting Group survey reveals that homeworking is here to stay

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